Question: I want to purchase an item on your website, how does it work and what are my first steps?

Answer: You will simply select the item you wish to purchase by placing it in the shopping cart. You will then proceed to our secure and encrypted checkout page. A sales agent would contact you to crosscheck all the info you provided. You may use any major credit card. Once the payment is processed an email notification will be sent to the Web team and the purchaser and prepare it for shipment.


Question: An item I was looking at on a previous visit seems to be missing from the website. Why can’t I find it?

Answer: Our site is unique in that it only displays items that are available for purchase. Since our system is connected to our stores and warehouse it will constantly update inventory levels in real time. If the item you were watching is now gone it has likely been sold.


Question: Your site has so many items, how do I find something I am specifically looking for?

Answer: Contact our online agent by clicking on the little button on the bottom right they would help you out


Question: I found a firearm I wish to purchase on your site. I live near one of your stores. What is the best way to make sure I don’t miss out on purchasing it?

Answer: Simply place the firearm in your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and enter your basic information. Select your desired location for pickup. You will now enter the secure payment page and complete your purchase. For items not located at your desired pick up point please allow 2-8 business days for it’s arrival. We will contact you when it is ready for pickup.


Question: I found a firearm I wish to purchase on your site. I do not live near your stores and will need it shipped to my FFL dealer. What is the best way to make sure I don’t miss out on purchasing it?

Answer: Everything works the same as if you lived near us. The difference is at checkout. After you have selected the firearm you wish to purchase your FFL dealers address should be your shipping address we would contact them. By choosing this you can proceed to the secure checkout page and complete your purchase. This locks the firearm to your name and prevents its purchase by others. This process also allows you as the purchaser time to find a suitable dealer in your area to receive your firearm.

Question: Can I purchase an item from you over the phone?

Answer: Yes you can, please have the item number available so we may better serve you.

Question: Where is your warehouse? Is it located at one of your stores?

Answer: The warehouse is not located near our retail locations and store employees do not have physical access to it. It is not in the state of South Dakota and for security reasons it’s exact location will not be disclosed.


Every effort is made to provide tracking information via email for each shipment originating from the website. Please watch your spam folder for that email. If you still do not have tracking information please send us a request via email at

Question: Do you offer any type of warranty on used firearms purchased from you?

Answer: Yes we do. All used guns purchased from us carry a 30 day warranty. We will repair the item free of charge in the unlikely event there is an issue.


Question: I purchased a new gun from you and It isn’t working properly. How do I get it fixed?

Answer: All new firearms we carry have some level of warranty provided by the manufacturer. Since most gun companies have done away with (warranty repair stations) firearms must be shipped back for repair. Most major gun companies have a dedicated service department to assist you in returning your item for warranty repair. We can assist you in this process.


Question: Do you have a gunsmithing department?

Answer: Yes we have a dedicated full time Gunsmith. We can perform repair’s to most rifles, handguns, and shotguns. We also perform some light machine work such as barrel threading and part fabrication. We do not reblue firearms.


Question: I purchased an item and wish to return it. What is your policy?

Answer: Any return must be accompanied with a receipt no more then 30 days from the date of purchase. It must also be in the original undamaged packaging. All firearm sales are final. For safety reasons our insurance company prohibits any returns on ammunition, powder, and primers.

Question: I need to have my firearm’s appraised for a legal matter. Do you provide this service?

Answer: We do not provide this type of service.